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Two weeks ago i went to the market place in Tel Aviv  and saw Miri Aloni, so much older, but still with long pale blond hair singing . She was friendly, inviting, down to earth, acting as though she was not an iconic Israeli singer who many see as the very essence of Israeli song and poetry turned to songs. 

This song has more meaning for me because i live just around the corner from the house where the poetess Tirza Atar had lived with her poet father, one of Israel’s greatest poets, Nathan Alterman and her mother , Rachel Marcus,who was a great  theater actress .

I walk my dogs down the boulevard and look across at the sign that reads “Here lived Nathan Alterman, Rachel Marcus and Tirza Atar” and my heart fills with pride and hope for a future less melancholy than how Tirza Atar ended, falling from a window at a young age leaving behind her children’s books and poems that have been turned to songs i had often listened to while seeking someone to understand my sad moments of  solitude amidst the lively  loud busy city of Tel Aviv, so full of memorials for poets and painters and writers..

This particular sad song had been written by the poet for her father who had passed away ..i can strongly identify  with the words and find comfort knowing someone feels similar sentiments of sadness and loss. 
ביצוע: מירי אלוני   Miri Aloni singing
מילים: תרצה אתר words by Tirtza Atar

Translated  from Hebrew by Seagull L.

כבר ערב,                it’s already evening
האופק אדום ויגע,     the horizon is red and tired
אתה בוודאי לא יודע, you probobly do not know
אתה בוודאי לא שומע,you probobly can not hear
שהערב                   that tonight
ערב חג.                  is the eve of a holiday

כבר ערב,                  it’s already evening
העיר אורותיה הדליקה, the city lights turned on
צמרות אשליה הסמיקה, the top of the trees blush
כן, חג יש בעיר ואני כאן yes, there is a holiday in the city and i am here
מחכה                           waiting
לצעדך.                       for your foot steps

עיר חמה ושוקקת           a warm and busy city
ריבועי זהביה מדלקת      the golden squares are lit
ולפתע צמרותיה שמטה    and suddenly the tops of the trees are bowed down
כי אתה                          because you
לא איתה.                      you are not with her.

שוב ערב,                      once again evening
סביב זיקוקים וירח           around her fireworks and a moon
שטים על העיר ושמיה,       float upon the city and her sky
אולי רק אתה היודע            maybe only you know
מה קרה כאן                     what happened here
ומתי…                           and when

כן, ערב                            yes , evening
שיכור משמחה ומבכי          drunk from joy and from sorrow
וכל נשמתי רק אליך            and all my soul is only towards you
לדעת שאלה חייך              to know that this is your life
שעודך…                        that you are still
שאולי…                         that maybe

עיר חמה ושוקקת…        a warm and busy city

כבר לילה,                    it’s already night time
העיר נרדמה על בניה,     the city falls asleep with her sons
בקרן ירח דומע             with a  moon light beam weeping
תלוי על כלונס מתנועע,hanging upon a  moving stake
נהם רוח                   the wind growls
רחש חול.                 the sound of sand

כן, לילה,                    yes, night
השקט עגול ורוגע,        the silence is round and calming
שלם ועמוק ויודע           complete and deep and knowing
את כל הדברים , כי עיניה all the matters because the eyes
של העיר                      of the city
אומרות הכל.                 says it all

והעיר השותקת               and the silent city
לכבודך כוכביה מדלקת,    in your honour lighting stars
איזה שקט                       what silence
איזו עיר                         what a  sad city .



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