Dear Dead writer ..

A  writer  dying of cancer had published an offer to match her husband with a new life partner. 

“Amy Krouse Rosenthal, the children’s author who took the heartbreak of her own looming death and turned it into a love letter for the ages, has died of ovarian cancer at the age of 51.

Krouse Rosenthal penned “You May Want to Marry My Husband,” a New York Times Modern Love column that quickly went viral, on her final Valentine’s Day with her husband of 26 years.”

The description was astonishing; this guy had it ALL, personality, generosity, character, good looks, athletic , good father, devoted husband but what he did not have is a wife who was jealous and possessive, she wanted for him to be happy after she would no longer be there. 

Just how many great guys are out there alone after having lost a great life partner is beyond any statistics i had read recently however i wonder, what is wrong with staying alone ? what is wrong with living in the light of the past, caring for the life brought about through the marriage; the children, the grandchildren who would be born, how about getting a dog or cat from a shelter or volunteering at a cancer hospice or just being a great guy without any attachment , and living a bit sad but grateful for those years, for the time spent being loved by a special unique person who loves you beyond any expectations in a world so lacking in the commodity called love?

Dog owners  i speak to who have recently  lost a dog after a number of years spent together in a loving bond  most often express the need to take time to mourn and yet this writer does not recognise this need, why is that? why can a person not remain with the sadness mourning the loss in peace? why must the vacant place that can never ever be completely replaced be occupied so soon ? why is it not possible to live in a solitude with the thoughts and feelings processing the loss?

Why this need to match ?to create a Noah’s arc? 

Dear dead writer, we are not biblical stories or fairy tales, we do not come to this world to recreate some beautiful love story again and again..some stories happen only one time, some people are  so unique , we do not want to replace them, and sometimes the pain of loss is also too overwhelming to risk having to feel it again by bonding to someone on earth, anyone, and sometimes people just want to be left alone..

why is it not possible to be left alone ?

why must a great guy be paired off as if the source of all happiness is in being paired off, coupled and why is it not possible to be left in a solitude full of memories, beautiful memories of the past?

Rest in peace dear writer, and please allow others to rest as well, and to take life last its pace, fast or slow, go or stay, laugh or cry, or all of the above , sometimes alone. 


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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