back to back pains : poetry and a laundry list

Back to back pains 

Back to habits 

and breaking through like the sun 

letting go of some bad ones..

speak less and when you do 

let the words be kind .

What i find awesome in Israel so far: 

  1. I live by the Egyptian embassy , i get a thrill passing by seeing their flag, i never see anyone there in the window looking out, they got a pretty  simple building, sometimes i wonder if there is anyone actually there..but i remember how excited we all were when Saddat came to Jerusalem and the peace treaty , it is a victory of the ideals , we gave up a lot of territory, a beautiful place to dive and oil for those who need it, all for peace and this embassy is a reminder, someone is there though i never see anyone standing in the balcony looking back at me, it is a cold peace, but still it is a proof that sometimes we can apply our ideals of life being more important than profit and money, sometimes it works out, somehow …though i am not one to trust human beings too much, i still get a thrill every time i pass the Egyptian embassy and remember how far we have come from being the enemies back in the days when i had to go to the shelter as a young child and my father went to war and came back  never speaking of it, only leaving a photo album with the bodies of the dead, ours and theirs, laying in black and white pools of blood.

2. I can say ANYTHING, and i know more or less what the reaction will be..

3. The Russians rule in all the offices i have been to, i love listening to their accents and think , well, my ancestors left  Russia territories more than 150 years ago but there are people who stayed and they seemed to be one step ahead of me, they were here all those years when i wandered the earth in search of my identity  , they came late but they are ahead of the game..Sergei brought me a sofa with two men speaking Ukranian , one tall good looking guy said in Hebrew “Is there Cola, or Sprite?” they banged the wall and a small gap remains where the white wall broke but i thought about how Sergei is ahead of the game too, settled, living somewhere with his family, working with his Ukrainian speaking fellows, strong and maybe not so Jewish as my ancestors had been who had fled when the Kozaks were tossing babies out the windows and murdering them in the name of the Czar, but they are ahead of the game too, and i am somewhere behind trying to catch up but i am satisfied to see the sun rising every day and breaking through the gloomy wintery weather . In the morning the rain leaves puddles, it mostly falls during the night when we are asleep, dreaming dreams i can not remember in the morning .



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