Demonizing an angel

Zvika Levy,an officer in the Israeli army took upon himself the task of caring for soldiers in the army who have no family to support them ,he dedicated himself to helping them with living situations, money or emotional support.

This dedication earned the Kibbutz living officer the  prize of the  highest honor of Israel as he himself is struggling with a muscular debilitating disease and is in a wheelchair needing care.

This morning the left leaning Israeli   newspaper Haaretz went too far.I read the daily paper for its relatively high level  articles about culture and social issues but sometimes its’ very extreme left leaning biases contaminate what is not an easy situation in Israel .

This morning a journalist ,who shall remain unnamed,had published an article demonizing an  Israeli archeologist whose work exposed the ancient history of Jerusalem accusing h of trying to erase the Palestinians ,as if it is his fault the Palestinians did not leave traces of an ancient culture like the early Hebrew settlers..

As if this was not enough distorted demonization, the journalist went as far as to denounce the dedicated officer ,Zvika Levy,for helping soldiers,and thus denouncing the entire  Israeli army omitting the clear necessity of an Israeli defense army in defending Israel ,as if the neighbors mostly brutual  behavior is not enough evidence;Syria,Isis ,Iraq,Iran,Lebanon etc.where prizes are awarded to murderers of children and acts of terrorism and the masses murdered are for the most part ignored by the United Nations and the journalists of Haaretz,carefully combing out Moslem acts of atrocities  and going after the less common acts of  Israeli brutuality magnifying and subjecting officers to an act of shaking for seeking to serve their country .

Reading a newspaper which published opinions I disagree with  most of the time is one matter but exposing very clear demonization and distortion is another mission I seek in attempting to present a more balanced view of Israel amidst an extremely unbalanced world.


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