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There are no coincidences..

I walked by a memorial for fallen soldiers  in a high school in Tel Aviv and read the names and saw a name in had known though very briefly; Arieh-which means “Lion”in Hebrew. 

When I was 18 years old I met a young man at the movies ,he asked for my telephone number and called me ,we spoke and found we had a nice of animals in common and he had promised to come to my army basic training  graduation parade but  three weeks later I had not heard from him ,that year the parade had been cancelled due to heavy rains; I was surprised Arieh did not call,but a friend of mine called crying instead saying Areih had been killed.

I think I still don’t really get “it”

How could Areih for just like that?

He was a muscular confident charming young man full of life,only 19 years old,a paratrooper and now I find out so many years later he was a champion wrestler, a gifted learner,I finally got to see his family whom I had never met before,holocaust survivors, the mother said in a ceremony for the holocaust victims,she was grateful that at least her son died in his country fighting unlike her relatives who were slaughtered in Auschwitz. 

Areih is the reason why Israel must be defended,protected and continue to thrive,he is a reminder of the heavy sacrifice demanded of the young in order to realize an ideal where Jewish people can at last live as free people but not without having to sacrifice.Everything worth having in this life demands sacrifice and so Areih’s young vibrant life,our dreams of meeting,becoming closer perhaps, friends,but now all is left is a memory. Is anything in this world worthy of a young human life full of hope?

Perhaps the dignity of having a place to live in dignity after a history of humilation and persecution comes with a price but sometimes I think  it is  too much  to pay but is there a choice?

The dead can never return but the living can remember why we want peace so much but that too comes with a price.a heavy price.


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