what did Areih die for?

Yesterday I stumbled upon Areih 

his name was second from the top

on a memorial monument

on the way to the school Secretary 

now I sit at a new shopping center

eating an omlette

listening to a young man

speaking intoxicated about



I want to tell him

and everyone there

sitting in a glass bubble,

Areih died

nineteen years old,

it was a training accident

a grenade exploded

it took him six  days 

to give up

and he was the wrestling champion

of Israel,

no one would have struggled more

in order to stay alive.

I did not know Areih long

we just met

18 and 19 years old

talking about what we wanted 

to do 

after the army. 

He had promised to come 

to my parade

but it rained

The parade had been cancelled

all those marching drills were

for nothing

and then the telephone call

crying to me

Areih died

passed away

but I know

As I look at this modern

material obsessed world,

Areih is in a better place

where dreamers can be 


planning a life

after the army,

planning to meet me

some day

and maybe

one day

we will meet;

I old and wrinkled 

by the sun

and Areih 

still nineteen years old

and still



About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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