Comments on the life and death of Asia G.

Suicide is irreversible 

Suicide gives society power over you -it means your life is not important because nobody loves you which means the value of your life depends on recognition and that is just wrong because nobody is more important than you.nobody. 

Suicide hurts and not only the one killing themselves but those left alive.

We can not choose when to be born nor when to die but how to live.

Suicide is not an act of courage

It means giving up on the possibility

Of love happiness of anything good .

Some people enter our lives like death forces they influence us negatively 

Always seeing someone more attractive 

Better suited for their goals

They use people as instruments

And toss them away when they are some

Let no one accept the fate of being

Reduced to a useful or useless instrument 

Life is precious and how useful one is

Is unimportant 

Be useless to others

But be of use to yourself

A light shines even when no one

Is around to see

And too many people walk  around 


Don’t be blind too

Open your eyes

Life is a gift 

Not yours to return

Keep it.

I grew up in a family that encouraged me to self destruct because no matter what I did I could not be me and I did not know how to pretend to be someone else-someone blind.

SEEING cost me many blind friendships that demanded I look away,pretend things I saw were wrong were ok

But that’s the whole point

People who kill themselves do not dare not to care what others think of them..

This need to please only leads to self destruction because people are irrational monsters who are not easily satisfied pleased or know what they want and God only knows what God wants..


Choosing life is the only choice that  makes sense 


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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