Today dogs were set on fire  in an abandoned car in an Arab village and a shelter for abandoned dogs was set on fire.

At the same time Arab prisoners led by a murderer terrorist are going on a hunger strike demanding an improvement in their  prison conditions in Israeli prison  as if academic studies are not enough…

A terrorist who had kidnapped a father and his toddler daughter from their home in  a northern town of Naharia in Israel bordering Lebanon  in the 1980’s smashing her head on a stone in front of her father then shooting him in the head had been given medical treatment after being shot in the struggle with the Israeli police,he then used his time in Israeli prison to earn an online  degree in sociology and upon  his release welcomed as a hero back home in Lebanon..

It is important to state that Cruelty towards animals and especially dogs is not unique to  Arabs but too often it is ignored as cruelty towards minorities women and helpless beings is accepted in a culture where the physically strong is celebrated and brutality seen as an  honorable quality .

The tortured dogs were filmed and so with the pressure of the media there might be hope for a change for future dogs.

Prime minister Nethanyahu published a family photo on Passover with kaya the elderly dog he had adopted from a shelter for abandoned dogs in the center looking extremely happy

(a plate of kosher for passover  dog treats was just above her head held cleverly by Mrs. Nethanyahu)

Lets hope that the law in Israel and other  countries regarding cruelty to animals changes and anyone abusing animals the way those poor dogs were will be in prison without benefits.

Not  asking for “an eye for an eye” as the law of the middle East says but time in a prison cell to think before setting helpless beings on fire for people of all ethnic origins and belief systems even those who celebrate brutality towards helpless victims.

In Israeli jail  is a new prisoner ;a 22 year old christian British exchange student who had  come to Jerusalem to study religion was stabbed to death on Passover-Easter  while on a bus by a knife  carrying  resident of East Jerusalem,and no doubt he too will join the prisoners asking for better conditions in Israel jail and the international community will once again pity the poor prisoners whereas in Europe hardly any knife or gun carrying terrorist is kept as most often the terrorists are shot dead no questions asked by the international court system.


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