Terrorists on strike

As if life in the middle East is not mad enough…

The terrorist who had been given FIVE life sentences for planning terror attacks where civilians were targeted and inciting for violence and murder had an article published in the New York Times  and is leading a strike of prisoners in Israeli prison.

In Europe there are no terrorists  in prison who had commited major terror attacks since the French,British and  Belgian police shot down the terrorists dead in all recent terror attacks  on European soil.

The Swiss red cross is unable to visit terrorists in European prisons since they are dead,shot dead no questions or trials unlike Israel where terrorists are given medical help,possibilities to study and complete an academic  degree in some cases while serving a sentence for murdering civilians.

Some experts cynically call the prison conditions of terrorists in Israeli prison: “Hilton” but obviously that is not enough for the terrorists who demand still more privileges. .

What is certain is that no where in the middle East can murderers enjoy the conditions that have in Israeli prison simply by identifying themselves as Palestinians.

Let us hope the terrorists will go on strike and stop commiting acts of violence against civilians. 


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