Tel Aviv Parade reflecti0ns:is it necessary?is it helping their cause?

I feel bad for all those who cling to the pride parade not realizing that pride is seen as a negative quality in Judaism.

Pride means not seeing the full picture ,not seeing others but just your own reflection and so narcisstic beings showing off their muscles is not where it’s at…

I can not identify with the muscular masses. 30,000 tourists arrived  to march and strengthen the sterotypes…while across the border the homosexuals are tortured and often under real physical threat.Gaza is extremely dangerous for gay men.

And change towards a more equal society will only come by education and parliment working on laws for equality.

To limit one’s identity to one defining quality seems just silly to me.

I do not like the idea of limiting sterotypes but they just seem to flood the city;groups of muscular men who seem to spend a lot of time in the gym but i know that this is not what it’s all about.. 

Change in society will not come through there carnivals celebrating the physical qualities of strength and youth ,it seems to me more fascist then the society they wish to make liberal. 

For all those true individuals with complex identities I feel for you and share the fraustration that it’s come to parades and not feel profound change. 

It’s not my issue ,I do not work on muscles of physical attributes and therefore do not really interact with the fake shallow elements too long,it is like a show and when it’s over ,it leaves a lot to be desired like real change and that can only come from education and a parliment that is busy with the laws to enable more equality and not more limitations


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