As long

“As long as the Haredim (ultra orthodox  jews )and settlers are completely disconnected from reality,there’s a need to completely disconnect them from the leadership of a country desiring life in the most violent and dangerous region on earth”
“Not only will most American Jews abandon them ,so will young educated Israelis who believe in critical thinking ,free speech and equal opportunity for a viable Israel”

    -prof. Dan Ben -David

Stop funding schools that prevent children from realizing their basic right to a core education  and stop funding settlements in the middle of Palestinian areas that prevent a sustainable border ,i agree to all that but what is exactly realistic in thinking that giving up more territories of the tiny land will inevitably lead to a peaceful co existence?

With all due respect to Professor Dan Bar David but is not a blind faith in an idea that which  defines a dogma no matter what?

This tendency to divide into left and right has its price.

As I pass the memorial for PM Rabin whom the sign says: “died in the struggle  for peace”,  I wonder how many more generations will be taught in light or dark of that dogma?

  • As if the only barrier to peace was an offical  signed document and as if the other side is some puppet and PM Rabin a puppet master.
  • .P.M  Rabin was not the Messiah or a genius ,he was a mortal man and if we are to evaluate any political historical movement it is the will of the people, also on the other side.

Just how realistic is it to expect that the Palestinan leaders will SUDDENLY hokus pokus abandone their violent ideology and go for co existence if only a labor party leader will once again be PM?

The definition of dogma includes any inflexibility and blind following disconnected from reality and this means not only the extreme right politicians but also those leaning to extreme left are not in touch with reality.

P.M.Rabin was assasinated by an extreme right wing murderer who fought democracy  and opposed the decision of the elected leader ,not peace.

Peace would mean that both sides seek co existence and so far the evidence for the Palestinian side seeking co existence is lacking missing or not existing.

In my opinion,reality means  being in touch with the declared  policies intentions and actions of the enemy one wishes to befriend and make a partner for  peaceful co existence .

Just this morning Syria and Israel exchanged fire so the Palestinians are not the only show in town,hundreds of thousands of Syrians killed,millions made refugees,amongst them Palestinians and yet no one assumes peace is just a decision away,one sided and all..

It takes two sides to agree on Peace and if one side chooses violence then defense will take the place of a peaceful partner,which is the case in any conflict.

One can not make peace with one self in a conflict.

Just as one can not force another to love.

As long as terror is funded and paid for there will be little incentive for stopping the violence.

Placing responsibility on one side or one action is not only unrealistic it is not promoting the type of true Peace so desperately needed in the middle East and elsewhere. 

I do agree to the idea that one must protect one self from the surrounding dramas.Always.

Peace light and love

And above all light


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