It’s money that matters

“In first Israel files 8 million shekel lawsuit against Jerusalem terrorist’s widow and kids”

The District prosecutor’s office in Jerusalem has filed aprecedent t setting civil lawsuit against the widow and young children of a Palestinian terrorist for the financial damages incurred by the state following an attack in the city last January.

This is the first in a number of suits expected to be filed against terrirists’ families.The prosecutor’s office confirmed that  suit has also been filed against the family of another terrorist,and that additional suits are being considered.”

“The first of the suits was filed nearly two weeks ago against the estate of Fadi am Qanbar,28,who killed four soldiers in a truck ranking attack on January 8th in Jerusalem.”

What is missing from this article is the context according to which terrorist families are paid hefty sums in return for terrorist operations whether dead or in prison.

Terror by Palestinians is a profitable business which can only be stopped by exposing this demonic mechanism through law suits since those funding the terror mechanism obviously lack compassion and do not mind who is killed whether babies, teenagers ,women or soldiers ,as long as the atmosphere of violence and resistance to any form of co existence is maintained.

If terror is a money making industry there is a need to make it less profitable.

The stetotype of the wealthy jew is still feeding a biased EU and UN in sharp contrast to the wealth sponsoring extreme terror in the middle East by Qatar and friends.

As long as violence is a profitable business it will not be worthwhile to stop it ,and so it is am excellent idea to drain the swamp of its money making violent activities 

Peace light and love


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