Watch “President Trump & Melania Depart Hamburg, Germany After the G20 Summit 7/8/17” on YouTube

America woke up to a woman President only no one voted for her!

Donald  Trump is making America a monarchy again. 

A new type of woman is promoted by Trump:

*Never had to undergo a job interview

It’s enough that she has a good figure

And a sense of style

And this is the sort of woman who claims to promote women causes?

Not really helpful for 99.9%of women whose fathers do not get them international leader position without having so much as to fill a job  application .

Sorry but most women would like to make it without being born into to or married into a position bit based on their qualifications for the job.

In Donald Trump’s vision of women in key positions there is no way Angela Merkel a scientist would have gotten anywhere near a top position.

Only pretty women with model like  figures need apply in Trump’s cowardly old world order.


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