Religion and faith 

Stray dogs roaming the hills of Jerusalem rabbis in a neighborhood near Jerusalem called Beit Shenesh ,an enclave of ultra orthodox extreme rabbis  ,to declare it alright to shoot stray dogs  as if there are no other solutions.

The danger of rabid rabbis who pison youth and feel ignorance is greater than that of stray dogs in my opinion because fear is the key to controlling the masses with false rumors and lies regarding dogs.

There are humane ways of controlling stray dogs,shooting dogs is the crulest method and yet that does not stop rabbis who fail to see the similarity between how the jews had been treated during the holocaust and dogs treated in modern Israel by ultra orthodox rabbis who spread lies the way the Nazis spread lies about Jews!

My religion is not that of rabbis who spread lies in order to abuse poor helpless beings.

My faith is with those who feel mercy towards those unable to speak for themselves or  able to hire lawyers to defend them in a court of human law in a universe created for all to live in harmonyand respect that comes from knowledge of how wonderful the world of nature is.created in wisdom  with the hope of mercy.



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