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Don’t talk to me

Don’t talk to me  you are ruining my image  of a misanthrope , Don’t spend time with me  there are too many complex corners  folded in my soul  so please allow me  to remain behind my wall..  

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A laundry list of 10 and one -what i like and dislike about Israel

what I like about Israel is also what i do not like about Israel  1.The direct talk, the honesty, no fake beating around the bush, “dugry” is slang for honest. 2. The food tastes so so good 3. The shuk-I … Continue reading

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Lost and found

There is nothing in life as devastating as losing your dog. I just let my elderly dog off the leash and talked on the phonr when I noticed minutes later she was GONE. I looked everywhere. The dog beach is … Continue reading

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Another bus ride#2

Today the bus driver has classic music playing and it seems to influence the entire bus. The bus is cool with airconditioning . I am going late to the teachers meeting.I already know the school principal ,a Rabbi,will spend at … Continue reading

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the elevator

Some days  i go down  some days  i go up in the elevator of life and i can push the button  and sometimes  and sometimes someone else pushes the button for me  

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Ephraim Kishon , the famous satirical writer, tells about life in Hungary and  how he was saved during the holocaust during a program about his life.  First of all he felt Hungarian , won prizes in school for writing, and was surprised … Continue reading

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The face of the New Old Germany

worries over a Terror organization targeting the Jewish state will most probably be overlooked as hysteria however it was not so long ago that the German people had voted for a fascist party through democratic elections leading to the loss of 30% … Continue reading

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Ignorance is not bliss

Having Recently  read an ignorant opinion based on propaganda claiming Hezbollah is some partisan like army of the people for the people and largely misunderstood, i felt the need to bring forth the following article that explains what this Iranian backed organization with the goal … Continue reading

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he who says

“He who says he can not and he who says he can, both are right” -Confuscius . Maybe the answer is not to overthink, not to live in the mind  but to pack your bags and move on to a … Continue reading

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why forgiving makes so much sense

Forgive; not because the other side is right  but because otherwise it means you will be attached  to the object of your hate for as long as you hate. Detach from hate by forgiving , by letting go of hate  because … Continue reading

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