Supermarket selection

Yesterday offered a different type of decision making in the Israeli supermarket .

While i was approached by a young Arab woman dressed in a traditional headscarf speaking  Hebrew with a heavy  Arabic accenttrying to promote a supermarket service for customers,not far from there within Israel ,another young Arab man around her age,19 years old,had tried to stab to death an Israeli supermarket worker with a knife.

According to certain extremists ,the young Arab man is a hero ,struggling against Israelis everywhere,sneaking up upon them from within a supermarket  however according to my point of view the young Arab woman trying to work in a modern society while still insisting on remaining true to her traditions ;seeking to go and work in a different culture is a true hero and will set up a fine example of an independent determined woman for her children and the children in her family.

How different the choices people select in a supermarket in Israel..


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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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