The young

Young lion lays around in his underwear watching video games. 

“What’s for lunch?”he roars

Screaming indescrete inflammatory words.

Everyone tells the floor sweeping old lioness it is that sort of age,a very difficult age however at his age the old lioness worked summer jobs,studied hard during the school year determined to go foreward into the jungle with a fine education and employment opportunities  but just the other day the young lion threw  a temper tantrum raoaring for fresh meat.

The old lioness tried to provide, she has little means and hardly any saving from which to withdraw funds but the young lion is after all her son,she feels she must care for him,as though he was a  cub.

Theyoung lion is not a cub but every time the old lioness suggests a different path than laying in the cave in the dark ,the young lion roars and the old lioness is t i r e d so she gives up the struggle..she questions how much strength she will have and feels more isolate than ever;left alone to cope both with her failing personal situation and the young lion who does not seem to be aware of anything outside the cave.

The old lioness lays on a sifa after being evicted from her corner of the  cave.surrounded by sounds of a busy life she longs to fall into a sweet sleep dreaming of a time she she did not struggle alone.


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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