My one true friend

Saturday we celebrated the international dog day 2017.

Scores of dogs  in all shapes and sizes and colors and their owners met up in the Yarkon park in Tel Aviv. 

Shosha was right besides me and her step sister shell bee. 

Shosha is with us since half a year , two days after my dog and i had landed in the Ben Gurion airport , returning to live in Israel after twenty years of absence which made the heart grow fonder. 

I am not unaware of the many challenges Israel faces and amongst them the way dogs are being treated , and so it was a gesture of Tikun, a Jewish phrase of repairing, that i had adopted Shosha. It was also her name and her gesture of making a popeye the sailor man face with her slightly bent front tooth!

Shosha found herself in a caged shelter after an elderly couple in their 80’s had not minded she had somehow gone missing , as the elderly woman recounted to me on the phone during a clarification. 

Me: what did you feed shosha?

Elderly woman: cheese and bread and sometimes chicken wings

(foods that do not constitute a healthy diet for any dog)

I would have taken her back but my sons do not like to take dogs in their cars

so when she went missing i just let it go..

100,000 dogs are euthanised every year in Israel which means that an elderly dog like Shosha had very little chance of surviving but for a kind woman who runs a canine rescue venture called “chaver la chayim”-“A friend for life”.

Shosha turned out to be really “Lola ” and nine and a half years old but that did not prevent her being adopted , her sweet kind ways and her special brand of chutzpa just made us love her even more .

In the Jewish sources it is said “Do not abandone me during old age” , but unfortunately western societies often abandone the elderly human and canine, but what we can do is repair this lack of just unfair treatment of the elderly members of society whether human or dog and to celebrate the wise elderly friends. 



every view contributes to my confidence in singing , thank you in advance!

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