Another bus ride#2

Today the bus driver has classic music playing and it seems to influence the entire bus.

The bus is cool with airconditioning .

I am going late to the teachers meeting.I already know the school principal ,a Rabbi,will spend at least an hour speaking  some Torah lesson which I would have welcome warm heartedly had I chosen to go to a torah  lesson but I  did  agree to enter a closed circle of a religious school so here I am playing” hookey”,me who never missed a class in school or university  ,I am enjoying the classic music playing and excusing my bad behavior in the need to FOCUS.

I had been hired to teach English as a second language not sit around and discuss the Torah and its’ interpretation which I would do But only out of free choice.

I still do not have the schedule of lessons but I have my books;that are suited to teach Israeli children ,written by Israeli teachers of  English as a second language. The books are meant for grades 7 and 8.

I recall the time when we learned English within the context of an English speaking culture but those days are gone, instead of Shakespeare we have Moses, instead of  Mark Twaine or Dorothy Parker, we have internet chats..The times are certainly a changing–

I vow to do my best to teach.

This morning a thin woman smelling of fresh baby powder sits next to me.I am pleased.I feel calm as the bus carries me from the North of Tel Aviv to the South ,we pass beautiful tall modern  buildings and ugly crumbling apartment buildings and ruins , side by side, this is typical  Tel Aviv..

A religious woman leads a small  yarmulke wearing  boy  to a seat in the back,a girl wearing short pink sport pants sits facinated by her smart phone. Extremes sit side by side. This is Israel. Not typical of  the middle east. 

The orchestra string section plays as everyone sits not smiling mostly female not talking busy as if holding knitting but those are phones.Perhaps they too are writing a blog.

A woman soldier in frog moss green sits and I think of the squirrels and Autumn I will not witness in Europe this year and secretly grieve.

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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