A laundry list of 10 and one -what i like and dislike about Israel

what I like about Israel is also what i do not like about Israel 

1.The direct talk, the honesty, no fake beating around the bush, “dugry” is slang for honest.

2. The food tastes so so good

3. The shuk-I love the market place with all its scents and colors and sounds and dirt

4. The Sun shines so much of the time that it is difficult to feel gloomy

5. The open extrovert nature of most people .It is relatively easy to get into conversations.

6.The flora, i like the types of trees, palm and Eucalyptus etc

7. Law breaking attitude; rules are made to be broken.

8. The intensity of living

9. How casual everyone seems to dress most of the time; in flip flops etc.  with the ultra orthodox and religious being an exception since they are mostly dressed in suits and classic dressed.

when i compare to Europe it is a huge contrast to the Austrians dressing to theater and opera in their finest clothes.

10. The noise is a problem, drivers beeping their cars etc. but no one will call the police for a barking dog nor will neighbours complain if you want to listen to music loudly .

11. The diversity, there is some intolerance to some degree but there is a coming together of so many diverse cultures and basically Arabs and Jews do live together which is refreshing when you consider what the rest of the middle east is like.


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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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