Lost and found

There is nothing in life as devastating as losing your dog.

I just let my elderly dog off the leash and talked on the phonr when I noticed minutes later she was GONE.

I looked everywhere. The dog beach is a small area them panic set in and all the negative thoughts flooded my mind;

What if someone took her?

What if she got  hit by a speeding electrical bicycle or car?

I walked along the beach screaming her name. Several People told me they see a small dog ,it turned out to be either too far along the beach or someone else’s dog ..

An hour of walking and screaming her name had led to a dead end and I decided to go back home and see if she made her way there through the traffic.

Finally I went back to where i had lost her and asked people again.

Someone had approached me claiming to have seen a dog ,another false claim and five dead ends later just as I was about to give up and go home without her,a man heard me calling out her name and said he had seen her walking towards the wave breaker,and sure enough it was HER.

I can not describe the  moment  of having seen her again , the happiest moment ever, seeing her familiar grey on red fur walking lost, i couldn’t believe how the despair had turned to joy and held her little toy like body near feeling so blessed. 


1.We never appreciate what we have till it is lost.why?

2.Train your dog to come when you call.

3.In addition to the chip with information the vet can read with a chip scanner hang on the dog’s leash viral information of your address and phone number!

4.Focus on your dog whenever you go out with them.

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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