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ROOTS Ukranian style

A Ukranian audience sits , women are shocked upon hearing a Ukranian woman admit to killing for the Israeli Defense army, also children in a T.V. show that is not only fake news but has a deeper layer when one … Continue reading

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ABBA lookalike

“I’m nothing special In fact i’m a bit of a bore When I tell a joke You probably heard it before But I have a talent A wonderful thing Cause everyone listens  When  start to sing” ☺I arrived 24 hours … Continue reading

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He arrived A tall little Prince  With many expectations; Love me!  He demanded Give me! He yelled And there was no way not to give Not to surrender Not to serve Till the moment  of awakening When the border had … Continue reading

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The  sea of love

A photo of a beautiful beach meets my eyes on a bus where i am forced to be squashed next to the window. Lumped.A heavyset Spanish speaking woman sits her heavy arms like large Mocca colored loafs of bread threaten … Continue reading

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Today Is a while new day An opportunity To be whole  Again

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International dog day was fun!Dog diet expert evaluated one dog as slightly overweight and the other as slightly under the desirable weight..It is clear why ..We ended up as a fridge magnet!

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 pride in admitting faults

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Win win

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My one true friend

Saturday we celebrated the international dog day 2017. Scores of dogs  in all shapes and sizes and colors and their owners met up in the Yarkon park in Tel Aviv.  Shosha was right besides me and her step sister shell bee.  … Continue reading

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Billy Joel’s star shines

Deeply touched by an article about Billy Joel’s gesture which highlights the need to REMEMBER where we were and where we do not wish to be anymore; in a dark place of racism and antisemitism that is not where we … Continue reading

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