How many UN reports will protest the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya people?


We are exposed to so many stereotypes and prejudgements; all of us. 

If you would have told me it was possible for Buddhists to act in violence towards Moslems, i would have laughed , but having learned about the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya people through “The New York Times” intelligent and well researched report, i no longer laugh but am angry since  i believe  what i once had believed is not true; Buddhists CAN sometimes  be violent, and Moslems can  sometimes be the victims of violence ;that it is possible and i also know that the United Nations will not dedicated time to discuss the dire situation of the Rohingya people because they do not play an important role in the political games that have already decided who are  the bad guys and who are the good guys and so we come to believe that the Moslems are always the bad guys and the Buddhists always the good guys, for example. 

Having said that one needs to consider just how many hours the United Nations have dedicated to discussing particular  refugees; the Palestinians, and how many hours the United Nations have dedicated to discussing other refugees and victims of violence; Syrians, Kurds and many more people . also the Rohingya people , who would have been overlooked by me too had i not read an article in the New York Times reporting of the dire situations of the Rohingya people. 

The media is not always promoting its agenda, sometimes it promotes the agenda of people who have gone COMPLETELY un noticed had the New York Times not exposed the situation and served as their voice in a world that is silently accepting ethnic cleansing that does not have good public service and a mechanism of manipulating the UN and world organisations making the public think that the only people who suffer are those who are fighting Israel ,a country whose people have served in the traditional role of a scapegoat which leads me to the next topic, of why there needs to be a scapegoat at all?


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