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Rising from the ashes

Lately i have found great interest in personal family  history of other people, and Lisa Kudrow’s family story is particularly painful and touching for me, since my mother ‘s  maternal grandmother met the same fate as Lisa kudrow’s great grandmother , however … Continue reading

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The grave robbers

Because every day is Halloween with a family of grave robbers like mine..   Grave robbery, tomb robbing, or tomb raiding is the act of uncovering a tomb or crypt to steal artifacts or personal effects. A related act is … Continue reading

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A visit to a narcisstic

“Candle In The Wind” Goodbye Norma Jean Though I never knew you at all You had the grace to hold yourself While those around you crawled They crawled out of the woodwork And they whispered into your brain They set … Continue reading

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Charles Aznavour

  Charles Aznavour received a medal of honour  on this visit from the president of Israel for the role his family played in saving Jews during the holocaust. He is nearly 94 , the opposite of despair,  struggling to sing perhaps , the … Continue reading

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Teaching and learning

I have been staying later after school preparing for the next day but mostly talking to another teacher who sat in the teachers room calling the parents and i had realised i am substituting a teacher, i am not the teacher , i … Continue reading

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The storm

The storm  left branches  laying on the ground,  there was nothing left  of the rain last night. I  slept through the storm, not knowing what it felt like  for the trees  not knowing what it felt like to be the wind

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It’s been

It’s been a rough ride,  sometimes the horse called life  threw me off its back  but i got right back on  and realize i can do this  i  can do this ,  just hold on tight  with all your might  … Continue reading

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wonderful words for the anxious

For more inspirational posts click here. For more quotes click here. And if you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment! via Quotes About Anxiety — lifesfinewhine

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If you want

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Sick n tired

“I have learned from all my teachers” -a Jewish saying A tall boy brings a note from the doctor every week, comes in late if he comes and then one day the teacher feels a fatigue; was it the paper … Continue reading

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