welcome home Mediterranean house Gecko

Tonight i noticed a small transparent yellow lizard in the kitchen cabinet. 

I studied Biology and this exact lizard was what i had to identify during my Biology matriculation exam !

Immediate research on the internet revealed that this is quite common in the mediterranean , so no squirrels in the autumn but a house lizard !

It is considered bad luck to kill those lizards and they are often kept as pets. 

I did wonder whatever happened to the ugly brown cockroaches whom by logic should populate a kitchen where cleanliness is not next to godliness,however having discovered that this sweet house lizard feeds on insects and roaches, i celebrate her presence and hold out the welcome mat for her!

Last time i hosted lizards in my dwelling place was in an island in Thailand where i would lay and stare at the ceiling for hours watching the lizards dance around . 

There is something very friendly about lizards and it seems like a divine act of grace that one of those insect eating creatures should choose to share my humble home..

Mediterranean house geckoes emit a distinctive, high-pitched call somewhat like a squeak or the chirp of a bird, possibly expressing a territorial message. They are voracious predators on moths and small roaches, and are attracted to outdoor lights in search of these prey. Although a calling male decorated cricket (Gryllodes supplicans) may be located safely out of reach in a burrow, female crickets attracted to the male’s call can be intercepted and eaten.

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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