colonialism: the secretly kept crime

“Two things can never be hidden, the moon and the truth”

-a saying

Colonialism is the establishment of a colony in one territory by a political power from another territory, and the subsequent maintenance, expansion, and exploitation of that colony. Colonialism involves unequal relationships between the colonial power and the colony and often between the colonists and the indigenous peoples.

The European colonial period was the era from the 16th century to the mid-20th century when several European powers established colonies in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. At first the countries followed a policy of mercantilism, designed to strengthen the home economy at the expense of rivals, so the colonies were usually allowed to trade only with the mother country. By the mid-19th century, however, the powerful British Empire gave up mercantilism and trade restrictions and introduced the principle of free trade, with few restrictions or tariffs.

conquering has always been going on

whose land do you live on ?

The other day i was reading a book  writing by an Israeli psychologist living in New York accusing Israelis, not for the first time,  of being colonists comparing them to the conquering people who had settled America and other lands would have been interesting but with a slight difference; while the Hebrew people had settled the middle east before as archeology clearly exposes, and were forced out of their land and ancient kingdom, as clearly documented by history,  the west was settled by people who had no previous connection to the land, simply removing those who were already there and one wonders what do the children learn in school in history lessons ? How can anyone pledge allegiance to any flag whose land was settled by conquering forces who simply removed those already living there whose voices have been silenced politically, their history forgotten as if they never existed, never lived there at all..

Youtube is full of films accusing Israelis of being colonists, which would have been true had Israelis had lands somewhere to claim as their legitimate homeland ,and people who would accept them as their own, but that has never proved possible according to history, so must we ignore the holocaust, modern day antisemitism , and ignore history and accept the claims of colonists  racist people like the Arab nations whose policies of ethnic cleansing are accepted as “normal” accusing Israel of colonism ?



In order to be thought of as a colonist one has to have territory in another land, so how can Israelis be thought of as colonists when they have no other territory  as was clearly established by WW2 when the German Nazis called for Jews to go back to Palestine?

Almost every nation had rejected its Jews at one point of history if not only through physical violence then through verbal violence signalling Jews out as different then why would Jews be accused of colonism in their own historical homeland one might wonder, but if you learn of the brutal history of colonism involving almost all European nations one can understand the need to cover up one’s own crime this way.

If anyone could be thought of as colonists those are the Arabs who take over territories and settle them and have not been silent about their wish to establish one large Moslem territory free of anyone of other ethnic origin, only they can not agree on which sort of Islam, but while the west preaches to tiny Israel to give up territory, what sort of justification has the west to be  in a place of authority to judge other people when its own history is that of colonism oppression, murder of indigenous people and taking over of lands?

I would argue that anyone living in America, Australia , canada  whose ancestors had established a colony there, does not have an authority to judge anyone of taking over land especially when there is a historical connection to that land, and that those accusations in the UN and other so called human rights groups  by certain countries are a way of covering up their own crimes and have nothing to do with the struggle in the middle east today but more to do with the need to cover up their own crimes of colonism.

Racism and hate towards people who are ethnically different has to do with a lack of confidence in one’s own right to be in a particular land and how absurd is it that the current president Donald Trump, a son and husband of immigrants from European countries runs a campaign against the indigenious people of America crossing the border? This is not a conicidence but an attempt to cover up the crime of colonism  which however covered is still there waiting to be exposed . 


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