I don’t want to be no man’s woman -a review


It don’t make me happy this mantrolling
Thing that you got for me so I become
No man’s woman
I don’t want to be no man’s woman
I’ve other work I want to get done
I haven’t traveled this far to become
No man’s woman
No man’s woman
‘Cause I’m tired of it
And I’m so scared of it
That I’ll never trust again
‘Cause a man can fake you
Take your soul and make you
Miserable in so much pain
My friends think I’m alone but I’ve got secrets
I don’t tell everything about the love I get
I got a lovin’ man but he’s a spirit
He never does me harm never treats me bad
He’d never takes away all the love he has
And I’m forgiven oh a million times
I’m never…


Leon Korvin

“Every time I listen to this song, I want to quit men for good and become a nun.

Then I remember I’m a straight male and an atheist”

Well, i am a woman and i don’t know what i believe in anymore, except that i know that i don’t believe i was ever meant to be a man’s woman, but my own person. If only girls would realize this the world would change for the better and there would be fewer depressed women and fewer oppressive men, everyone would be better off not owning anyone and taking responsibility for their own baggage …i think..

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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