A brave look at American history of slavery

“The Germans could never forgive the Jews for the holocaust.”, similarly the Americans enslaving African americans .

It is a brave attempt to face an issue that when not dealt with came up again during the election of Donald Trump who would like to make history disappear or appear as he would like it to, creating an America that never was the historical America of enslaving others and made up of immigrants who had different rights depending on their country of origin. 

This book was presented in 1999 and in 2017 it still needs to be read widely and is missing from the education of every civilised person into what makes America what it is today and where the racial conflicts and rage of those oppressed originated.

Slaves in the Family is a book about the author’s family, slaveowners in South Carolina for 170 years. It recounts the author’s search for and meetings with African Americans whose ancestors his family once enslaved.The book won the National Book Award, became a New York Times bestseller, was featured on Oprah, and was translated into several languages.

Ball’s other books include a biography of a transsexual and scandal figure from the 1960s, Dawn Langley Simmons, and a history of a rich black family in the Jim Crow South, the Harlestons of South Carolina.


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