The command “Don’t” Doesn’t usually go well With me So when a personal trainer one of several who save money on studios and invade the public sphere ;the park next to the polluted river,with pot belly business people or body obsessed women seeking someone to tell them What to do, had tried to tell me what to do I was not so pleasant thinking the” Dire straits ” song hardly heard music was not the problem, but people who seek control In a public sphere. ok ,I will admit; Ego versus ego . Finally the pot bellied Business man moved to torture another tree by hanging on its thin trunk And we were supposibly free But how absurd I thought, that the man could accumulate wealth Yet not the ability to take care of the temple, Also known as physical entity, And just get a mat put on some music and simply exercise for free . Afterwards as I gave the fish who somehow had survived the polluted river bread, I thought how easy it is to love fish Ducks Dogs Anyone but  not an arrogant personal trainer And a pot bellied Business man

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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