Charles Aznavour


Charles Aznavour received a medal of honour  on this visit from the president of Israel for the role his family played in saving Jews during the holocaust.

He is nearly 94 , the opposite of despair, 

struggling to sing perhaps , the voice is not as strong but still stronger than any voice i wish to hear, and he takes us back to a different time, an innocent time when singers were demigods, when a song could make your day, your week, your life worth living , because the words lifted you to a higher place.

It is shocking for me to discover how few people around me know who Charles Aznavour is, and also the audience was mostly French speaking, they seem to be in a different place, immigrants from this place of culture and nature and French words and leaving my question marks, what makes people leave such a place and come to the middle east where most people don’t know who Charles Aznavour is.

He is an Armenian, deeply identified with the cause, later people who understand French better than me will translate that he speaks about the genocide of the Armenians, and he knows the audience will listen to his message and understand him . He speaks to the audience as if he is speaking to long lost friends , i try to pick up a word here and there , and then he sings his own version of Ave Maria, and i recall a prayer in the cathedral in Sacre Couer and i think how lucky i am to know who Charles aznavour is, and to have found the strength to attend his concert, with all the ignorance around me, he shines and takes me to a higher place, a place of knowing something not many people around me know. something  i can not say, it is a secular worship of beauty and music and singing songs that perhaps do not mean much to those who do not know who charles Aznavour is but even when i don’t understand every word, i understand the music.


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