The grave robbers

Because every day is Halloween with a family of grave robbers like mine..


Grave robbery, tomb robbing, or tomb raiding is the act of uncovering a tomb or crypt to steal artifacts or personal effects. A related act is body snatching, a term that is related to the taking of one’s body (usually not from a grave). Grave robbery pertains to the disinterring of a grave chiefly for the purpose of stealing a corpse and/or stealing other objects.

Grave robbing has caused great difficulty to the study of archaeology, art history, and history. Countless precious grave sites and tombs have been robbed before scholars were able to examine them. In any way, the archaeological context and the historical and anthropological information are destroyed:

Looting obliterates the memory of the ancient world and turns its highest artistic creations into decorations, adornments on a shelf, divorced from historical context and ultimately from all meaning.[3]

Grave robbers usually sell their goods on the black market. Though some artifacts may make their way to museums or scholars, the majority of it ends up in private collections.

standing crying why am i alone? an orphan without a family ?

The answer is that my brother and sister followed the family tradition of grave robbing; what happens is that you THINK you have a family till the parents die and one or two siblings steal together the inheritance and then they disconnect. 

In my case it happened on both sides of the family, when my paternal grandparents had died , my father’s sisters took over the inheritance leaving him a portion which went to my mother, i had no idea just how much, but when she had died seven years ago very suddenly, as i was living abroad with my children alone, my siblings went into my mother’s home and took whatever they wanted, ignoring the will which stated it was to be divided three ways. 

My poor mother trusted my brother and made him her financial partner thus enabling him to empty her safe too, which he and my sister did, not caring about my  share and repeating the same alienation, disconnecting, and BLAMING me for being difficult, even crazy for being angry that they not only took my share but desecrated the memory of our mother by ignoring what her last wishes in her will had been. 

I was busy with my children and divorce and living abroad and not quite realising that my siblings were second generation grave robbers. 

I moved back thinking that grave robbers hearts would melt, my sister confessed and actually contacted my daughter promising to send her a necklace of my mother’s many jewellery pieces, but she never did that, she always claimed she was mentally ill but she was not too ill to travel to Israel from Canada after more than twenty years of never once visiting my mother, my mother always travelled to Canada and as i was told, had given my sister money since she had married a gambler. 

I sought help with a therapist but only encountered misunderstanding, failing to understand what it is like to realize that your family are grave robbers, heart less scoundrels who could not care less that they took from the family inheritance and lined their pockets , criminals that have not faced trial yet, i am determined that they will stand in the court of law and explain just why they stole from a dead widow’s inheritance and took for themselves and later blamed me for being greedy, for being irrational?

Meanwhile the cousin, a daughter of my mother’s aunt , who did the same, who took over my grandmother’s inheritance with her other sister and brother leaving my mother out of the will , had befriended my brother in a grotesque family hobby, grave robbing. 

It is not just the stealing, it is the accusation that the person they steal from are mad, irrational and most of all, not deserving of their part of the inheritance, they are unworthy , people like me are told, because the grave robber has the opportunity to steal and decides that the stealing is somehow an act of justice because they are entitled to lots of money and it does not matter how they got it, and it is all done in the day light, and no one is arrested, because time passed i can only hope it is not too late for  them to face the court of law and explain why they abused my trust, and my mother’s trust and simply stole?

Although i am sad i am without siblings and parents, i do have children i am very proud of and i do consider myself lucky that i was able to take distance from that sort of family and thus able to somehow handle the situation better knowing i had the time away from the toxic effect of gas lighting, and projection and lies, saying they want contact but i am a problematic crazy person who can not accept that my own brother and sister, older than me, simply took what they could because they could and our mother was not able to protest because she lays in her grave dead and robbed. Graverobbers.jpg



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