“Prevention is the best cure”

She went into the pub with Nissan and a man behind the counter had poured them a drink;she had a baccardi thinking it less harmful than a beer because the bar man dressed like a penguin would make hard liquor taste sweet but the small tiny glass should have been a huge hint of its alcohol content .

Nissan didn’t hold back he could drink ,his stocky heavy frame could tolerate alcohol far more than Yael’s thin jazel frame ,he could empty tall glasses and would play the generous host while Yael was unaware he was out for all he could get,filling metaphorical pockets with whatever he could grab and the nights were cold.

It was a Friday night and after a ceremony of blessing over a silver cup of wine half empty and braided bread there would be a Friday night meal without Nissan since no one knew about Nissan ,he was like a black alley cat with his tiny black beard and hawk like nose and his hunger for the taste of the secular life that layed there beyond the walls surrounding his religious boys only school.

There had been girls Nissan had met like Sigalit Henshaw,famous for her doll like face ,perfect hour glass shape and long fingers forming delicate birds as she spoke in long syllables stretching her words knowing the boys of the religious school would fight to walk along side her home to the large villa where her heart surgeon father would be peeking out the kitchen window searching for her dainty figure.

Yael was no Sigalit but she would suffice till someone better would come along ,Elisheva the elegantly dressed daughter of the regional building inspector ,dressed in the finest fashion from Paris where her uncle and cousins lived close to the presidential residence behind pure gold doors and silver framed Windows overlooking gorgeous gardens full of all sorts of flowers in pastel pink purple and yellow.

Nissan had compromised ,this much he knew,Yael had no father but that could be seen as an advantage in the eyes of the future advocate ,there would be no one standing behind a curtain watching her return at night and no questions requiring an answer at 2 a.m.

Yael had no curfew and no one watching her comings and goings.

Easy prey ,Nissan mused,as he rubbed his small hawk like nose stopping to wipe his glasses so he could see.

Yael Was no Sigalit Henshaw but she was available and meek and would not give him a hard time ,he had initially thought though lately she stayed sober and would offer resistance to his futile attempts to feel her thin body through her thick sweaters.

Too much trouble,Nissan finally concluded after Yael had put up resistance again even though he had bought her two baccardis and no food .

Nissan would unload her on to Arik ,an old school friend and a fellow drinker ,after all what are friends for?

Arik too ,was a friend from the religious all boys school and was already working on improving his technique in working the ladies,usually daughters of well known wealthy men, in order to please his forever name dropping well comnected mother ,however a small offering such as this homely sparrow ,would be most  welcomed as a starter .

Nissan had his army injury as a hook and Arik his charm and ability to persuade even the toughest customer to accept his way of seeing things,his way.

Arik could drink more than any of the army buddies having a lack of fear and plenty of time to practice when he had graduated a year ahead of everyone.

Twenty years later Nissan would be an ultra orthodox Jewish lawyer a father of four girls and three boys and chained by marriage to a pious woman.

Arik would lay beneath a stone in the army section of the cemetery in the outskirts of the city where they had all once partied on Friday nights and Yael unattached would visit him placing shells from all over the world upon his grave and tell him how she felt thinking finally there was a man who would listen and not walk away.

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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