Lessons by Laci Peterson

By chance or not ,I came across videos of the murder of a sweet being ;Laci Peterson whose husband was convicted of her and her unborn child’s brutual murder.

I was a mother of three very young children when I came across the story of the disappearance of a young pregnant teacher in the USA;Laci Peterson.

I used to watch Larry King on TV and followed the investigation ,the husband’s behavior was suspect from day one ,why would anyone to fishing on Christmas eve?Why would anyone not help search for a missing wife and then came the affair, telling a woman he was widower .

The story of Laci Peterson is unfortunately not unusual;a sweet blessed soul attracts a narcissist;a giver attracts a taker who only sees her as an object to be disposed of after use.

At the time Laci Peterson had disappeared I was living with a similar personality type;a man who could only see me through how I could benefit him ,an immature self centered narcissist ,I had married him finding him in hindsight familiar to my narcisstic family where one would serve a purpose or not be considered worthy of the time of day.

The abusive relationship I was in included psychological abuse and physical violence which could never be predicted .

The story of a pregnant teacher murdered by her narcisstic husband awoke in me an awareness towards my own situation where a violent episode could have ended my life or led me to suicide as my feeling of self worth sank to a level of a puddle .

Like Laci my life seemed so beautiful ,living in a beautiful country ,going on vacations but everything was decided and manipulated by my husband and i had very few choices to make.

Laci Peterson though not abused physically as far as I know ,was subjected to a cheating lying husband whose life focused on his selfish needs ,immature to parent ,unwilling to make the decision to divorce and lose money ,he chose to take the lives of his wife and unborn child.

The bodies of the murdered pregnant woman and her unborn son were found close to eachother in the spring ,which seemed a sign of a guiding hand to her grieving mother .

We are born such a wonderful creation yet the choices some make drag human beings to such a low level and so we are given life lessons and warning signs which sometimes we can see in time ,sometimes not .

“He would have killed you”,my mother would later say when I had hopped on crutches to the court house to get my husband to leave our rented apartment and yet she had changed her mind again and again protesting divorce and not coming to help me ,arguing the case for yet another attempt to live with my narcisstic husband who like Scott Peterson could never shed tears and only fake cried always thinking what he could get out of a particular situation.

Laci ‘s short life was a lesson to many women who had followed the story of her disappearance on Christmas eve 2002;

See the warning signs and don’t deny yourself a real relationship with a person who can relate to you as a human being worthy of affection attention and honor .

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