Finally Flying

After a disasterous delay , having learned my online ticket was NOT VALID and nowhere to inquire;I had learned ;

1)Never order a ticket online on an unknown site !

2)If you suspect that there is something wrong ,be prepared !

3)Attempting to save money may cause you to spend MORE money ; unnecessary connecting flights can cause you unnecessary stress and may actually and up costing you more at the end .

4)Do not think you have a lot of time and therefore relax,engage in small talk with strangers ;UN peace keepers on the blessed to Syria may be interesting HOWEVER time passes quickly while chatting away and you might find yourself struggling to run in the race against the airplane and guess who is quicker?!

Never underestimate the time needed to board the airplane.

Rather than chat to strangers ,read or write .

Live NOW ,stop thinking about possible what can go wrong ;Terror attacks ,pick pockets ,murderers,El Kaida kidnappers …yes,you love in the middle East but even there not everyone is attacked.

Enjoy your flight

Prayers help …

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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