There’s no place like London-day one

Ovewhelming with possibitiies is one way of describing London.

We began with “The British museum “-our first free museum and also a wonderful place to learn about ancient history .

We did a tour of the Egyptian collection seeing the first documented victims of violent struggles or wars in well preserved bodies behind glass .

“The Rosetta stone”-is the ground breaking stone whose discovery with carvings in various languages had offered the key into deciphering the Egyptian coded language of drawn figures.

We walked through the various tombs of the Pharoas,the mummies of people honored to have been preserved and cats too.The tombs seem so oddly placed behind glass .

There is a paid exhibit that disciusses The worship of God throughout various cultures-just as we are about to celebrate Passover tomorrow night and The Christian world will celebrate Easter .

(At Trafalgar square there will be the theatrical production of The passion of Christ reinacted)

The Chinese department offered a look at the amazingly beautiful made carvings of animals in Jade with beautiful details ;the ancient Chinese had believed that animals were spiritual connections to God.

The first floor offered a small one room exhibit about Haiti ,at the crossroads of liberation from slavery ,a few slides of colorful paintings appear.

St. James park is a beautiful place to get away from it all ,we began to look at the ducks and geese walking along the yellow daffodils as the rain began to fall .

An Israeli family had recommended to go see Churchil’s bunkers ,we went over and decided against the high cost of entrance fee.

The theater district offers an agent we decided to skip and we managed to get tickets to two shows ;a theater matinee on Sunday :”The long journey into the night “by Eugene O’neil with the great British actor Jeremy Iron,and a popular award winning musical “The book of mormons”.

There is so much to see and do and it is difficult to budget ..

Shopping at a discount super saver chain store we managed to get socks with comic prints ,a much needed yoga mat at a super saver price : some exercise clothes and an elegant shirt for son for tomorrow ‘s Passover meal at the Jewish students association sponsored by the Lubbavitzers .

Thursday night and parties to attend however we needed to rest before visiting more museums ;definitely intending to go back to the museum of comics where we bought “How to be British”-cartoons about being British .The British humor needs to be celebrated and who can forget “always look at the bright side of life?”from Money Python’s “life of Brian “?

London has so much to offer and if you want a structured tour you can follow a walk suggested by the internet .

Bloomsbury is the area near the British museum where Virginia woolf and other famous writers hung around ;we needed nourishment and ended up at a recommended clean fish and chips shop run by a Chinese man :one can choose which fish to eat and the portion was large ,i settled for a vegeterian tomatoes soup which was a welcomed warm nourishment .

“Costa” coffee offered a coconut milk latte for me and a regular coffee for my son ;the sizes are large and the service pleasant ,a sign warns badly behaved customers will be sent out!

The workers are East a European and Asian who fit in the multicultural melting pot of London .

We returned to our modest hotel at the ethnically diverse edge of town where a Mosque and a cathedral are to be found side by side ,and people from the carribeans wait for the bus next to head to toe covered Moslem women and Pakistanian men in traditional robes.

We may upon our comfortable beds as the rain falls gently upon all people watching silly British sitcoms on television .

Downstairs pizzas arrive ,delivered for free and the two small blue sharks swim in their aquarium along with a small turtle and a good fish.

I think about visiting the London aquarium to view fish swimming in large tanks and learn from them how to get along with others ,swim,eat,swim .

Night falls ,there is still so much to see..

day one of London town is over and as we drink tea and eat our British digestive Biscuits we look forward to tomorrow’s Passover Seder ,the last meal of Jesus,and towards a weekend packed with activities ,impressions and freezing rain findjng shelter under the all accepting skies .

The weather changes constantly and so we take comfort in our comfortable clean beds tucked beneath blankets of dreams about what we have seen and what we are about to see the next day .

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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