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When asked why they support the BDS movement and claim that this is the path towards peace, Hollywood actors and various singers and performers claim that this is the right path , it is the right thing to do, to stand up against tyranny and oppression but they do not wish to admit that the tyranny and oppression of their own nations and which nations had not cast a stone in having helped the genocide of Jews by making emigration from Nazi occupied countries impossible by saying “the boat is full”, “we have no place ” , or by simply not wishing to have Jews because of prejudices they held?20180320_111838-1679719151.jpg


“It’s not that we are antisemitic, we keep hearing, we are just against Israel and the Jewish state  and their political policies  of occupation “

Anyone who makes such statements is indeed antisemitic because denying the Jews rights to their historical homeland is not only a sign of ignorance of a long history of a  clear connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel but also denies the Jews what other people take for granted, rights to their land that had been occupied again and again and while other people have no one doubting their rights to their lands , rights that rarely have proof through  the  science of  archeology and the most influential   cultural  and spiritual manuscript  of the  bible  .

It is fashionable to protest Israel, and so people like Nathalie Porteman , an  Hollywood actress thinks she has earned the right to judge the government of Israel and politics while not active in political protests  in the country where she is living where European settlers took over land and eliminated the native people of the land who where nonviolent and did not have any political power or voice but to occupy America or Canada or Australia or New Zealand or to have colonies  is considered “normal” but to return to a land that had been occupied by foreign forces which is only a small  territory compared to what is described in archaeological finds and the bible, is considered unfair to the Arab nations that have vast territories and are angered that a nonMoslem entity dares to claim any land in the area .

Various Jewish organisations in the USA claim to have the goal of peace while boycotting Israei products and while holding political opinions they feel they have a right to not only have but to practice, leading tours to the so called occupied Arab territories and incite division and call for an uprising against the Jewish empire threatening the Arab world while ignoring facts, that Jews are less than one percent of the world population, that Israel is less the size of New Jersey while the Arab lands make up a majority of the middle east, and the Palestinians originate in the Arab lands surrounding Israel and wandered there sometime before any ancient civilisation that they claim existed had a chance to leave any artefacts proving the existence of their ancient civilization with a religion that only began 600 years after  the birth of Christ and thousands of years after  Abraham settled in the land of Israel and started  a faith and lifestyle and values which evolved into being the Hebrew nation .

The holocaust is the not the reason why Israel exists , there were  Jewish people living in  the land of Israel before the holocaust , however the holocaust made it impossible for Jews to live in most  of the countries occupied by the Nazis throughout Europe and the Arab reaction to the Jewish state made life in the Arab lands also unbearable for the Jews living there thus making the Jewish state a necessity for the third of the Jewish world  population that managed to survive or escape attempts of the  genocide and so the Giro d’italia  bike race  that for the first time went through Israel connects in a most symbolic  way the path between Europe and Israel, forming a symbolic bridge and a testament to the character of one Italian who spoke against racism and oppression of a minority that truly is a minority, not people who make up a majority in the middle east and wish to have the entire land, regardless of what other people claim according to history archeology and the bible.

All those who think that protesting the occupation of a tiny land is a noble act should study history and read up facts and find out just how much land the Arab nations have  compared to the Jewish state , and what values motivate the actions of  most of the Arab nations in the middle east and why they support violence and destruction of the only nonArab entity in the region and why they find a progressive democracy to be such a threat?

Why is it that so many left leaning  so called liberals seem to think that supporting the Palestinians is a noble act of defending human rights while totally ignoring the actions of the Palestinian leaders and their apologies after declaring their profound hate of Jews and the possibility of them being their neighbours in the region, wishing to destroy anything that is not of the right Moslem entity that they wish to have controlling the region in nondemocratic intolerant  nonhumane values.

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