Dog free quality time

I am spending dog free quality time and i dont know who is going to be happier once i go home? Me or the dogs?

I have had to stay in a coffee shop and catch up on correspondance while writing articles, i love to see the status graph rise on my words press and am very pleased with each view of my writing, so happy that my thoughts go all around the world and are being read by someone all the way in India, the US or maybe someone just around the corner? Who knows?

Whatever they say about internet safety there is a wonderful option to share thoughts and feelings and to feel that we are indeed ONE world and what we share far surpasses what divides us. 

What we share is being human, having emotions, going through very similar experiences despite what divides us and what divides us seems so minute ,inconsequential for when our time comes and we leave this earth, we all leave the same way, our bodies stop functioning and our soul is released and perhaps it is then too that we all unite in this transcendance of the barriers that had divided us  all in the past.

It is maybe due to my yoga teachers training in sivananda that i have reached the conclusion quicker than others and sometimes when i struggle i look towards mother India and think of the yoga slokas and chant “om shanti “!


Peace, light and love

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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