Namaste :The need of seeing the light in Israel


Namaste means” I see the light in you .”

“The gates of hell are locked from the inside ”

– C.S.Lewis

Today I read an article about the dire state of education in Israel .

An international expert ,Andreas Schleicher ,who is in charge of the PISA tests,had revealed that Israel is not in a good place amongst the developed countries ;the pupils do not do well and he claims the reason is that the pedagogy in Israel is standarized and very traditional .”,according to him ,instead of developing creative and critical thinking ,the education system in Israel focuses on learning by heart and is insensitive to the differences amongst learners .

The main problem Schleicher sees is the international testing where it doesn’t matter what the pupil knows understands or is able to do.Only the grade he gets in the test matters.Only the report card matters.

Teachers are constantly busy (even in kindergarden )with testing ,checking them,and analyzing them.The teachers are too busy with testing to achieve any meaningful learning .The teachers don’t have enough time to teach,challenge and dialogue with the pupils .

The system forgets not only the learner but the teacher becomes a paper filling Clerk who has to teach for the test.The teacher no longer uses his mind .

In such an atmosphere there is no creative or critical thinking .

The current attitude is not written in the stars .In education systems in Estonia ,Finland or Canada we can learn it is possible to do things differently .

The teacher had to be involved in the process of choosing material .Only a teacher with hope and optimism can prepare the learner for independent thinking ,the type of learning that will prepare the pupil for the future .”

-Shlomo Beck

The former president of the Kay education college ,Baer Sheva.

The Marker magazine ,”Haaretz”

After meeting with cynical “the buck stops here”strict unfriendly unhelpful alienating inspectors in the Education system snickering as they place me in a chaotic school system temporarily uninterested in my criticsm such as ;

Why is there no weekly staff meeting to discuss issues ?

Why am I thrown into a class without any prior preparation ?

And at last why do I with an M.A. In Education from one of the oldest and at the same time the most progressive universities in the USA (Lesley university ,Cambridge,MA)am tossed as a substitute with a salary half of the cleaning lady and a fifth of any teacher there ?

What matters more ;how long a mule pulls a wagon or what the mule knows and can do?

Teachers are paid according to the number of years they teach ,are not supervised enough and there is no place for nonconventional teachers,at least according to my painful personal experience.

Teachers who have a certain status don’t bother showing up all the time ,they leave as soon as the bell rings at the end of the day and in such a cynical system it is even more absurd how important is the emphasis on a teaching certificate devoid of any real connection to real teaching !

I had too many theoretical courses in my teaching certificate course and because of ONE course the system rejected me saying I have to redo the teaching certificate and spend two years being standarized which is the last thing I need in my life after spending three years in Boston writing a thesis on creativity .

Yesterday I had registered for a “Yoga for children teaching certificate “in the Tel Aviv Sivananda Yoga school ,the same international Yoga school where I had done a very meaningful teachers certificate course in France back in 2014.

I was told a certificate specializing in teaching yoga for children would be requested when I open up my classes for children .

Yoga benefits children on so many levels whether helping focusing and concentration or to calm down and handle frausttation situations but what is also vital to all societies and especially one in a political territorial conflict ;to respect the other person and see the light within and in each other .

Yoga teaches to see and recognize the light of each other ,a far cry from the Israeli education system that insists on being closed minded and intolerant of differences of opinions and style .

Yoga does involved repetitions and patterns but also opening new channels and most importantly teaches to be connected to your authentic light within and recognize and acknowledge the other .


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3 Responses to Namaste :The need of seeing the light in Israel

  1. This is so right! Thanks Seagull

  2. I asked my physics class, 15 years girls, a simple math question related to equations . Most of them failed to give a correct answer. Asking their math teacher, she said: Yes they learned this last year but probably forgot! So I asked, did they forget how to do 2+3 ?
    I asked the teacher if she explained why you move the number to the other side of the equation to isolate X, so she said, no , I teach only the rules!
    By the way, this happens also in USA, not just in Israel.

    • seagullsea says:

      I applaud your power of consistency wishing more power to continue to struggle in a system that trains not to think (and also conviniently not to feel )
      I admit to not share the ability to struggle and partly because I feel that by allowing the system to abuse me financially and to punish me for not being conventional despite my degrees and good intentions ,i did feel hell is no place for me to survive .You must have extra strength and ability to presevere.
      The article appears in today’s “The Marker “magazine of “Haaretz”.
      Thank you for commenting .You are a true light in the Education system .Continue to do the good work! Shine on !!!

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