Eugene dreams of happiness

Ask me when and where i had met Eugene and i can not tell you the exact time , not the time of day or season or even year but one day i was walking along the Sihl river in the city of Zurich, Switzerland from my comfortable place in Starbucks and a red Steward little car appeared out of nowhere and i turned around as a voice called out from the red sports car “seagull livingstone¨ and there he was driving his red sports car and inviting me to sing with him in the streets of zurich, and i complied , and i found myself standing with my small dog singing alongside Eugene as he explained that he had found Jesus, and then he had me collect money from the spectators and i muttered the first time i went around with the hat “Am i your Jewish accountant or what?”  but i collected the Swiss coins , i was promised a drink, and since i dont drink alcohol ( i didn’t find Jesus and stopped drinking, maybe i am sort of Jesus being a Jew and i never did have any sort of inclination to what someone called the devil’s drink which made so many Europeans do so many stupid things..) i sort of assumed it would be a tea and perhaps the coins would have allowed me a cookie but he seemed as though he needed the cash and i was not worrying about feeding too many mouths at this point of my life, having had an empty nest and a six kilogram dog did not consume too much food and starbucks sold relatively inexpensive coffee if you go for the basic that does damage to the lining of your intestine eventually but for the morning wake up call and writing it was fine. 

Another time Eugene saved me from my sorrow as i discovered another heartbreak had led me to heartbreak hotel and i found myself being driven to a Reggea festival down by a pretty Swiss lake where the main  singer came on stage and had announced “we lost a sister tonight, Amy winehouse is dead!”

That year it rained during the open air festival Eugene got us in somehow for free  though i paid him  and i was standing in the mud knee high as we watch performers , we got separated and i found my way home by myself, i think Eugene hooked up with a young Sweet Swiss girl and i found myself surrounded my pot smoking long haired swiss people who kept urging me to smoke some though just inhaling the air would have been enough..that morning i somehow crawled home alone amongst clouds of smoke and music, and i did not see Eugene for a long time after that but then i ran into him again, this time with a Dutch musician and afterwards we would attend jam sessions, i was his groupie , sitting sipping my tea as he ordered a coke and added to it something lively from a bottle he kept hidden in his jacket. 

“lets go dancing” Eugene said a couple of times but i said no because i had responsibility , the small dog could take in the jam session but dancing would be out of the question .

I kept going by myself to the jam session and then one day i stopped going and then i did not see Eugene for a long long time …once i saw him having something to eat with a handsome younger version of him, his son, at a bohemian cafe at the back of an alternative scene movie theater . 

Eugene worked at the airport and he was originally from South Africa, married a European , had a son, and now was going from one musical jam session to another and sometimes we would run into each other, we sang a few songs together , i recorded one session but it disappeared in cyber space long before i set up my youtube channel. 

“My girl Lollipop “, was  a great song i had sung with him, i was sunk deep in sorrow, personal losses and Eugene sort of helped me get out of that place and led me towards happier places with his guitar and coffee flavoured voice and his geek look when he used to have glasses and his profound sense of the world being a place it is alright to get lost in as long as you have music as your lifesaver.

I found Eugene on youtube and this is a song he had written, he always wrote songs, so i am sharing this one with you . I hope it helps you get out of a place of sorrow  if you happen to be there or just feel good and remember to dream.




About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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