Seeing a swastika at a French Yoga center in France was to say the least shocking but I did learn that the swastikas that had appeared on posters sold to German Yogis too were mirror images and were back to being an ancient eastern symbol for the Yogis practicing yoga at our Yoga ashram.

knowing my Sivananda yoga ashram ,i knew it wasn’t intentional to promote the swastka which is a symbol of the Nazis ,however having received an article today about the fashion chainstore “zara” producing an embroidered bag with a swastika embroidered amongst flowers seems problematic knowing the bag is distributed amongst European and middle eastern countries where it could be abused for antisemitic purposes.

“Zara”also refuses to place the flag of Israel alongside other countries’ flags on a small tag listing local prices wherever it is distributed worldwide.

The swastika is indeed a symbol with a lot of baggage (excuse the pun)so promoting distribution of a bag with this symbol is unacceptable and disrespectful of the millions of victims of the Nazis.

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