waking up again

The poet Lea Goldberg had written a poem about living life that is not like a habit, that every day is new and not a habit but habits are important for me, otherwise life is too chaotic , and so giving up morning yoga routine is not an option. 

Yesterday i had woken up ill, i sat at a near by coffee shop healing and then it had occurred to me that perhaps i need to look at the habits that make up my life, and to try to find what makes my vibrations stronger 

The earlier i wake up the better but then i do not go out , i either read or listen to a spiritual talk, that is also a habit i need.

The earlier one wakes up the better.

Lar night i skipped my weekly study group and had gone to do yoga at night under the stars , it felt good.

It is good to break habits sometimes but without our habits, there is a loss of a sense of stability so important in order  to not get lost in the daily chaos.

What habits are doing me good ?

what habits are not good for me? and should be let go ?


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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