Kant love

“Love is love”says the rainbow slogan on my paper cup But is love a sexual tendency ?

i think no..

No one has more respect for the LGBT community than me ,however the flags are everywhere and when i walked into my local coffee chain this evening I read a sign that said that one shekel went towards an organization educating about the LGBT community .

I am not being prejudiced ,I am all for everyone doing whatever makes them happy as long as they are consenting adults but I just don’t see the point of collecting money so people can do whatever they want to whoever they want .

Let everyone have equal rights but how is having a certain sexual tendancy a community ?

It makes me angry that having a sexual tendancy that is 10%of the population takes over the city with rainbow flags ,the municipality even sent me an invitation to celebrate a celebration I can not be part of ,my gay friends are no longer friends ,occupied with like minded men or the gym (excuse the stetotype of muscular gay men )and my one transgender friend is busy turning tricks to pay for operations in Thailand and raising her kids.

I am tired of happy gay men walking around Tel Aviv speaking proudly of their life partners as one did today with stars in their eyes in love when I am not .not in love and not in a relationship and not even close to caring about people who are .

I am sick and tired of groups of handsome muscular men roaming the streets of Tel Aviv holding hands and enjoying fine dining while at the Southern border people are hiding in bombshelters and fields burn by Hamas kites.

I am tired of one segment of the population being so gay while I feel I do not identify with any group .

I suppose I can relate to any foreigner now ,i feel like the city of Tel Aviv is celebrating and marking the gay parade despite the clear statistics that gay people are only 10%of the population.

I want to be part of this culture and yet I am excluded .

If I befriend gay  people my experience has been that i will never be invited into their closed circle of celebrating free love and this is not just in agay group but every group .

I realize that I don’t belong .period .

I am a stranger wherever I go .

The only to have hung the Israeli flag in my building ,and in my block,i seem to be the odd one ;no baby to push in a carriage ,no gay guy or girl to hold hands with ,no partner or family or friends ,the dogs and I are part of a nonexistent majority that feels isolated and alienated .

I sit reading the German philosopher Kant about morality.

Kant thinks that there exists an objective moral law that we know not through experience but through wisdom.Kant stood out from other philosophers of his time because he didn’t believe the laws of morality are inborn and follow logic and do not deodbd on prior experience .

I want logic to rule my life ,this way nobody gets hurt however sentimentality dictates a certain longing for a metal box that used to collect donations for handicapped children with a drawing of a girl struggling to walk .

whatever happened to dknstinv to handicapped people and not to programs advocating for talking about sexual tendencies and calling them love?

Love turned out not to be about sex or who you choose to have it with but more about being with someone not because of any benefits other than feeling good or is love a moral obligation such as caring for a young helpless child ,a pet on a leash ,an elderly parent ,a troubled friend ?

Love doesn’t dance in rainbow parades or hold hands ,it supports someone who is about to fall ,it stands by you in the dark of night.

Love usbt a rainbow, it is starless dark sky,it is thst light in the dark that helps us see.

It us Kant’s rationality ,it is something inside of us that screams when seeing atrocities ,it is a logical way of seeing how irrational we are .

Love is rational .It means doing the right thing by someone .sonetines yourself.It is not a rainbow of possibilities to have sex with ,it is a mind and heart where the night of rationality dictates to care .

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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