what am i worth ?

There are situations in life that make you test your self worth ;

what am i worth if my daughter or son chooses not to call me? 

What am i worth if my friends disconnect from me and choose not to have contact?

What am i worth if people yell at me or tell me off?

What am i worth if the person in charge of the  job i  had wanted rejected me for the position ?

The answer to all those questions is that you are asking the wrong questions, because your self worth is not in any of those people’s hands; not your so called  friends , not your children, not anyone but you and the very unique connection you have to the universe. 

A  spiritual story can illustrate this ; 

A man goes to the market and tries to sell a stone , one vendor is willing to give him 50 cents, another looks at it and says 100 dollars and yet another offers him more, because a diamond is a stone whose value is based on the market price , but it is a stone nonetheless, even those diamonds that are kept in a secure place, they are all just stones that someone values. 

Why should one person’s opinion of the value of a person or object be considered more important than another? That too has to do with a decision society has made, that one person’s opinion  has more value than another but sometimes a person without formal education can display more wisdom than another.

If you seek to know your value  as a person  , my advice would be not to ask anyone, not a friend, not a family member but as the Yogi masters say compete with yourself and decide that your value is not depended on the swaying opinions of society but something deep within you. 



About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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