Kindergarden -merry go round

“when everything made to be broken, i just want you to know who i am ”

I began a trial period in an afternoon kindergarden near my home and can only express delight being there ;the sweet kids but also delight to be going home to relatively quiet dogs who got some of the left over meat balls.

There is definitely a waste of food and I don’t consider meat a necessary part of the diet however quite a lot of kids asked for plain rice .

I had carrots and rice ..then proceeded to show the kids how to make playdough snails; there is a difference between kids ability to draw create and use playdough .

The kids made beautiful pictures ,we made play dough snails, but there was an incident of a little curly haired boy who stood suddenly and proceeded to hurl objects , plastic lego parts all around ..the kindergarten morning teacher, soft spoken and patient took him outside to have a talk and then proceeded to call his mother to take him home..

I told him “you are angry but it is not ok to throw things around”, to which he did not react, he seemed under a trance, in any case, i do hope that in my next position in the Waldorf school kindergarten i will find better solutions, we will be a team of people who play guitar and sing and interact with the kids and we will be able to better predict violent behaviour .

I was told the afternoon kindergarten teacher i am currently replacing had been fired for being violent, something i can not begin to comprehend, no matter how much pressure a person feels what makes anyone use violence against helpless children or animals is totally beyond anything i can understand.

The news last night reported of a trial of a young 23 year old attractive blond Russian lady who had beaten and strangled to death a sweet twenty months old toddler, a daughter of another foreigner , a woman from Moldovia .

Both women had come to Israel seeking work , having come from countries where employment is hard to find, one woman had a beautiful baby daughter and had found a day care to place her while she worked to make a living, the other woman had been accused of using violence against children and yet allowed to work in a day care for helpless babies, born just a few months before, they had been subjected to her hitting ,slamming, behaviour that can turn a perfectly healthy baby into a handicapped child , and yet the security cameras had not been viewed at the end of the day, so why place security cameras at all?

I can not understand violence at all, i feel angry too, but i can not understand taking out my anger on helpless beings, animals, children, babies and what i can not understand at all is how the law does not give harsh enough punishments against those using violence against elderly , babies, animals ?

How can a society call itself sane if it allow helpless beings NO protection from those who are criminally violent ?

The violence towards the baby girl is tragically not rare, i had witnessed those assistants that seemed as though they had been recruited from women prisons , paid minimum wage , using mostly verbal violence and sometimes physical violence to restrain children. Those assistants lack any sort of training, you would train a person packing peanuts better than how those assistants in day care and kindergarten are trained and yet this goes on without anyone intervening, not the parents , not the authorities, and not the government .

I honestly can not say that the violence tolerated in day care and kindergartens is because of the middle east conflict and the violence in the area because many of the assistants are originally from other countries, east European, Argentina, etc. , but perhaps it is the lack of screening, the lack of CARE about what sort of people have contact with the children that creates this living hell for some many helpless babies and young children .

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