A Russian wind

רוח מבדרת

מילים: שמואל בונים
לחן: עממי

רוח מבדרת שובל שימלתה
ילדתי ברחוב עוברת, ששתי לקראתה
הי עימדי, עימדי, עימדי נא, את יפת עיניים
בואי ואחזה בך את יפה שלי.

שתיים רק אהבתי ראו נא איזה פלא
ומהן לא התאכזבתי
התדעו מי אלה:
את ארצי אהבתי
גם בקיץ גם בחורף
ואותך אהבתי,
דוניצ’קה שלי.

The wind blows through her dress 

melody : Alexander Yagorovitz  Varlamov

Hebrew lyrics : Shmuel Bonim


The wind blows through her dress, 

my girl walks down the street, i am overjoyed to see her pass

Hey, stand , stand, please stand, you with the beautiful eyes

come and let me look at you, my beautiful one.

Two are my loves 

and from them i knew no despair; 

do you know what are the pair? 

I loved my country 

summer and winter 


and i loved my girl, 

my Dunichka .”

In Russian the song whose melody had been composed in 1842 is called

” the snow storm “

метелица (סופת שלגים)

Вдоль по улице метелица метет,
За метелицей мой миленький идет;
Ты постой, постой, красавица моя,
Дозволь наглядеться, радость, на тебя!

На твою ли на приятну красоту,
На твое ли что на белое лицо.
Ты постой, постой, красавица моя,
Дозволь наглядеться, радость, на тебя!

Красота твоя с ума меня свела,
Иссушила добра-молодца меня.
Ты постой, постой, красавица моя,
Дозволь наглядеться, радость, на тебя!



Last night I  had gone  to a very Israeli  public singing event organised by the Tel Aviv municipality , singing together at the port of Tel Aviv ;a band led by a white haired accordion player led the singing, some middle aged people were dancing by the stage while we sat behind the fence near the ocean which was roaring and flooding the quay . 

A lone fisherman stood with his back to us trying to catch fish , many people walked by, religious jews the men wearing skullcaps, the women typical tower like  headscarves, a few Arab families walked by , the Arab women wearing  nun like headscarves covering their entire head leaving only a window for the face, wearing modern pants alongside men casually dressed in jeans carrying a baby and a toddler on a minibike by their side. 

and then this song came up ; It brought up so many memories, a university colleague of mine, my lab partner played in the Rabbinical IDF band .

The main singer sang this Russian folk  song translated to Hebrew that went straight to my heart. Young religious girls wearing skirts came up to the band and asked for autographs…

Years had gone by but the memory of the song still plays in my mind ..this morning i recorded my version : 


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