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A guide to the perplexed regarding fake family

  1. They make declarations of love but never follow through
  2. They say how much they care for your children but have never even met them though they travel regularly, they never make the time to meet your children and the excuse is usually that it is ALL your fault because you are an angry insane person while they are calm as cucumber since they do not care and you sort of do care that they send you mixed messages and bullshit till the cows come home.
  3. They do not see the need to know or practice the difference between truth and phony reality
  4. They pass down their family values to the next generation who watches copies and passes it to their children ; money is what matters, and they befriend only people who stand to serve as a financial benefit, they take the phrase “friends with benefits ” to another level.
  5. grave-robbers“Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
    That saved a wretch like me!
    I once was lost, but now am found;
    Was blind, but now I see.”
  6.    -Gospel

While searching for a contact  online , i found someone with the same name but in a different situation ,a situation no one would like to be found in ; a woman was found in her apartment  in California with her two dogs and what remained of her body . 

So i too have two dogs and i will one day grow old or something can happen to me however it is high time to search for an emergency number that can mean life or death …

Although i have little to do with the neighbours , i think it is important to seek out a number and to let people know where you are on a regular basis. 

My late mother was left on her own , despite the fact my brother was working close by and living not far away, she should NOT have been left on her own after having suffered a stroke ..she did not have a dog but i do believe that being on her own contributed to her death that came to me as a total surprise knowing she exercised regularly and having no idea she had suffered a stroke; either she could not communicate this information or my  siblings who had a vasted interest in  her signing her inheritance to them and making my brother her partner in property and finance  without my knowing what they did behind my back and how little they actually cared for her. 

The other day  I had gone  to my sister’s Facebook account and had found a photo of my late mother , it was a post about mother’s day and how much she had loved her; that might be true but having NOT visited her for the past 30 years and then all of the sudden showing up with the kids AFTER our mother had passed away on a visit to Israel after grandmother was dead so they could be grave robbers seems to me not a sign of love  or rather a love of property but not of a person!

I am not saying my  older sister was not busy raising five children , though they were almost all adults by the time our mother died, but i guess her career as an assistant teacher in a special needs class kept her too busy, she claimed to be bipolar and that was her excuse for going on stealing trips with her daughters to the local charity shop, whether that story was true i do not know but it sure put me off from consulting a lawyer. “I need the money”, she claimed though she lived in a ten room villa outside of Toronto, Canada, she also went into our mother’s jewellery and though she confessed to that during our last Facebook chat , she felt terrible but not terrible enough to actually send my daughter a chain from our mother’s jewelery collection or to actually share her stash. 

Using mental illness as an excuse is absurd as my sister was always employed, and was abusive rather than being abused, had a violent streak, and calculated her steps very well, she celebrated my niece’s wedding, a niece i recall babysitting and helping with, and had invited our brother , her half of the Bonnie and Clyde clan, and his children to the wedding and forgot to invite me or my children however  she always goes on Facebook and writes my children how beautiful they are and how much she loves them though she never bothered to take a trip to visit them, maybe if one of them were to leave a fortune, she would then go on a visit but thank God, they are alive and healthy and will live a long life without Facebook fake family .

A recent visitor to her Facebook page where she posts photos of her grand daughter is our aunt, a woman of the same profession of grave robbers , who had gone into my deceased maternal grandmother’s apartment and basically cleaned out, made sure none of my mother and her children were entitled for anything, not even a chain while she got the apartment and its content, amongst the content an embroidery i had made at the age of 14 for my grandmother of a cat, an item without a price, that took me  the whole summer of being   14   years old to complete , but she deserves it,  the aunt had  thought, despite the fact she hardly ever visited her mother, except on holidays when she would show up and scream at her in Yiddish as she stood washing dishes thinking this is what a good daughter does, show up scream at your mother and wash her dishes in anger ..that aunt too worked  with  special needs children , what a compassionate woman she was, having avoided my mother till she showed up at her funeral with her daughter who is a doctor whose bed side manners leave a lot to be desired  and is one reason why i avoid doctors like the plague. ..if a person who basically stops talking to a person becomes a medical doctor tending to the sick, i think i prefer the disease to the cure! 

Looking at Facebook you would think what a lovely family, how great everyone gets along but if you know how they treated their mothers and how greed guided their actions , you would think it really is better to be eaten by your loyal dogs rather than be robbed by your children ..

At least the dogs were hungry but greed is a quality that is passed on to future generations , children do what they see, and Facebook is hardly a curriculum  of  how to treat others .

Yes, i am aware i sound bitter and angry and those are not endearing qualities but i would rather be dog food to LOYAL friends than a bank account to FAKE family on Facebook . 

It is all too easy to LIKE someone’s photos on Facebook or to make a kind comment but how you act in offline non virtual life is what counts and with a family that is phony , fake , deceitful , makes promises not kept, makes declarations of love that never come through it makes me realise why dogs never have Facebook accounts , they are REAL and accountable to their actions , and are true family and true friends because they are present , they are there for you no matter what and their actions speak louder than their words and if my body is to be stripped of its jewellery or used as dog food, i prefer the latter..

Here is the article i was referring to ; 


“A woman’s two dogs were forced to do the unimaginable just to survive after she died and no one noticed for weeks.

It’s a tragedy that may have been prevented.

With so many seniors living alone, their cries for help often go unheard, such is the case of Lori Bock, a woman that died alone in her Century Village Boca apartment but there is a service that looks after seniors when no one else does.

For weeks Bock remained in the unit after her death, it was only her dogs cries for help captured in this cell phone video by Fred Hadley that alerted neighbors to the grisly scene.

“I seen two dogs sticking their muzzles through the Venetian blinds, which seemed to be somewhat chewed up and in disarray. They seemed to be in distress,” said Hadley.

When detectives arrived, they were able to get into the unit and lure the dogs out with treat

Neighbors say bock was living in the unit alone without power and was unemployed.

“I asked the officer, “Was anyone home?” said Hadley. “He said, “Oh Yeah!” “I said what happened?” said Hadley. “He said, “Well she is dead.” I said,” How long has she been dead?” He said,” 2 weeks.” Then I asked,” What about the dogs, how did they survive for the 2 weeks, she leave leave out enough food for them?” The officer said, “she left herself out for them.”

There is a program that many seniors can take advantage of that could mean the difference between life and death. It’s called sunshine 211.

“We call them the same time everyday,” said Patrice Schroeder. “Of course, if we don’t hear from them, we set the wheels in motion to check in with them and make sure they are okay.”

A daily welfare check could have alerted authorities sooner to Bock’s death, preventing such a grisly scene. The number for the sunshine program is 2-1-1 and it’s available 7 days a week from 7:30am to 5 in the evening.

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