Free Porcupines !

Meet Ms. x, she adores Palestinians and she is very upset they are being abused but only if they are placed in prison by Israeli defense soldiers, when a quarter of a million Syrians, amongst them many Palestinians who had moved there are murdered and abused by the Syrian regime or the various militant Moslem terrorists , she could not care less , she will never stand in front of the Syrian embassy or mission in the UN, but she will stand by the Israeli ambessy screaming slogans about murderous regime even though NOT ONE Jew may pass into the Palestinian territories and hope to be alive while millions of Arabs reside in Israel, are Parliament members where most of them are busy attempting to criticise the state of Israel being Jewish and calling it an evil empire that attempts to wipe out the MINORITY of ONE BILLION MOSLEMS while the Jews are only 14 million worldwide including in the head count a couple of millions in Israel .

Ms. X loves Moslems, she admires Islam, the religion of Peace, she thinks Israel should cease to exist but she never thinks about what contributions the Palestinians have made to the world or Moslems; The birth control pill that kept her from having more children than she could handle was created by a Jewish scientist , as a lot of medical discoveries that kept her from dying of cancer , not to mention the religion of her forefathers and mothers was founded by a Jewish man but she only hates zionist Jews, she prefers the Jews that are content on being abused by Europeans and Moslems to those Jews that gathered at their historical homeland and sought a tiny piece of land that is historically theirs .

Ms. X lacks any formal education and the Jews seem to have so much of it but even professors at the university love to bash the Jewish state, even Jewish professors love to spread the hate towards their ancestral land and feel bad for the Palestinians and justify their violence even as they burn down fields and cause the violent death of wildlife, burned bodies of porcupines and baby birds do not bother her, but the deaths of terrorists that are shot by the Israeli army enrage her even though in the Moslem world terrorists are not kept in prison but are beheaded or executed , she feel pity for terrorists killed by the zionists , and she wishes and longs for a wonderful world where Palestine is free and the Palestinian leadership is free to abuse LGBT and wildlife and any religion that is not their exact stream of militant Islam, honour killing of women who dare to go out on their own etc. won’t cause her to demonstrate with the same passion as she demonstrates for the rights of Palestinians and she is so sure that she will never be the target of their rage , perhaps because she never tested them and she is so sure which side is so wrong and which side is so right and since there is only black and white in her world she does not seem to mind that the man she is romantically involved with happens to be , coincidently or not, a man who beat up his wife and children and ignores his children and their needs but is always happy to join her in protesting the violent abuse of the Palestinians , not because he cares so much for nonviolence but because he loves to see how the Palestinians abuse the Israelis, burn down fields, wheat, crops the Israelis were busy growing while under rocket attacks on their side of the border , because to hate the zionists seems to him such an important humanistic cause that he seems to not see how he is not to be trusted with children, how he turns violent whenever he is in an intimate relationship and how he loves to fight and argue and always be right and how similar he is to the Palestinians , claiming always to be the victim and blind towards any responsibility acts of violence cause and trigger in a cycle of violence .

Ms. X and her beloved are just two people but i wonder , what is the excuse of the rest of the crowd? What is the excuse of all those rabid haters of the tiny Jewish state and the fans of the Palestinians seeking to be free to murder and burn fields and kill wildlife and is there any excuse for burning alive a porcupine ?

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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