And so it goes

Friday after work a reptilian voice calls me demanding the money .

The plumber demands immediate payment and cash burn it is Friday ,the banks are closed abd my bank card dysfunctional.

I finally get a brilliant idea after a marathon of messages on whatsapp and phone calls urging me to pay 1000 dollars or else for a repair job of three hours I am told ought to have cost around 200 dollars (converted to the local Israeli shekel)

The handsome young man and his elderly white haired father think they have found an easy target ;a womsm alone ,not so young and easily threatened with no one to protect her but then I realize there are people paid to protect me and I use emergency money and pay the woo dollars in an envelope and give the money to the white haured man and his son at the local police station where i can be sure i will be safe and not under constant threats and attempts to convince me to pay a price that is more than the going price .

The man attempts manipulating me;■

he needs to read his family ,etc.

Bit why have I been chosen as his personal philanthropist? I Have no financial resources and don’t have a lucrative profession as a plumber who can name his price when encountering people who seem out of touch with reality .

I consider making a formal complaint against the man at the local police station and no one deserves a complaint about harassment than this man who doubled his price and demands money immediately .I do understand that his work might cause I to be cheated but there are ways to deal with such a risk by asking for a deposit before beginning work and I don’t see why I should be held responsible for people who don’t pay ?

The encounter with the aggressive demanding plumber left me exhausted .He was mean greedy and manipulative but I don’t make a police complaint before hearing from a lawyer .

I do however want to expose him since I did find him highly recommended on Google .

I fear that any action I take will mean risking him back in my life with his cinstsbt messages and threats. I back down accepting I can not change the world and people’s choices to be aggressive and violent .

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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