The very definition

The very definition of fraustration is heading towards a cafe thinking to read the weekend papers of the extreme left newspaper to which i had cancelked my subscription out of disgust with their extreme left political opinions according to which Israelis are a colonial land grabbing force and the Palestinians innocent victims of constant one sided violence .

The burning fields surrounding Gaza thanks to the nonviolent protests of the Palestinians have not only destroyed crops of the Israeli farming communicators whose only crime is to be undesirable neighbors adjacent their fraustrated fiery .

No one can bring back the animals ;birds and reptiles caught in the fires burning the fields but according to the workd media Israel deserves everything it gets and it never seems to get enough ;not enough civilians and soldiers dead and the wildlife caught in the misery of a political conflict for which they lack understanding doesn’t interest anyone .

Voiceless is not the red haired baby screaming as its mother attempts to pacify him OBLIVIOUS to the surrounding ,the North Tel Aviv cage is completely over taken by people who have no clue to the fact that a coffee shop where coffee, food and extreme left Newspapers are offered ,the only newspapers not screaming of advertisements and stupid political or no political gossip ,is hardly a place to sit with screaming baby or toddlers playing beneath a table .

I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I was taken out to eat out as a child and it was always in a family run Arab restaurant where people ate inexpensive and uncomplicated food made of sheep cows and potatoes and chick peas .

If I had made noise in a public place a paternal slap or a maternal pinch would have quickly out an end to that however according to the new world order children rule the universe and may do as they please regardless on what effect it has on other people !

I am against slapping or punching children but i think people who have babies or young children should attend public playgrounds ,it never rains here ,there are no thunder storms and there are several playgrounds hungry for small children to fill their slides and plastic structures made for children .

Children should not be forced to sit in coffee shops ,especially those with left leaning newspapers that scream “human rights ” while ttheadults devour food and gossip or talk shop .

Children should be children in playgrounds not coffee shops ,especially those with left leaning newspapers, coffee shops ought to be a  place for people who want to sit and read a book or write poems or a novel .

Where do writers write ?Obviously on a different schedule than the rest of the world .

I might be fraustrated also because I have not yet published a book and I read of an Israeli cosmetitian whose talent is publishing erotic novels about temptations of blue eyes foreign men.

I had married the fantasy of a blue eyed foreigner ahd now i mysekf am an agknv blue eyed foreigner with nothing in common with my surroundings.

There is no use to complain;I consume coffee in a take away cup and block my surrpundinv with two elderly snoozing dogs while they ,the families with screing babies and toddlers consume overpriced food abd keabe a tip.

I am outnumbered and our priced and out sourced.

“Why didn’t you come to us?”asks a dark lean waitress at a coffee shop near my place upon hearing my list of complaints/ report .

“Too near by. The dogs needed a walk”I answer knowing that I needed an enclosed structure and realizing that only those outdoors coffee shops will guarantee no children since there is no place to fence them in..

I vow to change my venues and to try to see children and babies on my side ,we are all misunderstood and our needs not taken into account by so called soul denying adults .

let’s unite ;babies and writers and dogs and toddlers abd form a coalition of the ignored.

When I come back the front door is open ..I wonder if anyone broken in but as usual it is a reminder not to forget to lock my door and perhaps to not share every thought with strangers or waitresses who probobly  snicker behind my back how naive and delusional I am not realizing it is money that matters not culture !

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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