The plumber

He came changed a pipe and charged 1000 shekels an hour ,he called me night abd day threatening me to pay him 1000 dollars for changing a plastic pipe. Work worth 100 dollars . so I have been told by everyone i told this to,.

He worked  THREE hours ,drilled a bit and doubled the original price offer .People pay less for an open heart surgery !

He then went to a lawyer and claimed I had cheated him out of work .

I had gone to the police and did not press charges out of pity but now that I think about it ,that was a mistake .

I will not take this personally, I must have given the impression of a person weak abd naive enough to be cheated .

The world is full of scoundrels and they attempt to get money out of people who seem to lack confidence .

This could break me if I let the thoughts of being an idiot by having trusted a strange plumber not to cheat me but let’s face it though Israeli have a bad reputation as workers trying to cheat ,this case could have offered everywhere in the world in theory .

theory refuse to hate the haters who seize upon every opportunity to cheat and lie and steal .

Apparently Israel has a reality show about cheating plumbers overcharging unsuspecting victims..

I asked around and apparently America has cheating plumbers too ..maybe i can do research which culture has the worst plumbers ..



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